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Smart Call is a wireless call system, designed for hoists in construction sites, based in New York City.

Within a few days, we program and customize a system, simplifying the process of vertical transportation on construction sites. with Smart Call, you will gain more control over your hoist, and save hours and dollars on labor each day

Smart Call is focused on improving efficiency, increased safety, while offering developers more control over their projects.

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How It Works

How It Works

The Smart Call System allows workers to instantly call the hoist operator from any floor.

Each floor has dedicated call buttons, with Up and Down direction. Once a button is pressed, the hoist operator receives the call to a small screen inside of the hoist. Each screen displays: calls, local time, weather and wind speed.


Smartcall in-car monitor


Smartcall call buttons and call sign

These are mounted on each floor

The system was designed to enhance the safe use of hoist elevators. Rather than shouting to get the hoist operator to hear you, the system allows workers to get the attention of the operator with the press of a button.


Smart Call can reduce wait time by over 25%

Smart Call can be adopted onto different platforms, and incorporated into an existing construction building. the calling devices are weatherproof, and the battery can last up to 36 months. the devices range is between 1600-2600ft (500-800m) and supports up to 99 buttons per elevator.




Loading Dock Display


Smart Call Loading Dock Display provides a 50” screen, that displays:

  •  A fully editable Material Schedule. provide information for your workers about the hoist schedule for each day of the week.

  • OSHA safety video

  • Latest hoist calls

  • Local time, weather and wind speed

  • Upload images to display on screen

  • Display a custom message.

Emergency Call System

A fast response time is crucial in any emergency situation. the experts at Smart Call developed a wireless emergency system that alerts on site, and notifies contacts off site, directly to their phone.

Call buttons are installed on each floor. Once the emergency button has been engaged, all screens on site will sound a loud alarm, and display an emergency messages with the location of the emergency. A text message with details of the site, location, and floor, will be sent out to a pre-configured list of contacts.

The Smartcall Emergency System

is not just for construction sites,

and it can be installed in any space.

Because the buttons are completely

wireless, it makes it easy to mount

anywhere, and to move around if you

need to.


Wireless emergency call button with the emergency call sign

Emergency flow chart.png

Smartcall emergency system flow chart

Web Interface

Once the system is in place, you can access a private user area where you have control and data on your site.

  • Generate call button reports. daily, weekly and all time. these reports allow you to view where your workers need the hoist the most, so you can better plan hoist operation each day.

  • Quickly edit and post a Material Schedule.

  • View the current status and location of a hoist (*beta)

  • View the most recent calls

Smart Call App


Our smartphone app provides access to your system from your smartphone.

with the app you can:

  • View the status of all of your hoists, their location, the time spent in the current floor, and the wind speed.

  • Control whether a hoist receive calls from all floors, or just from Even / Odd floors.

  • View call buttons report

  • Edit and post the 'Material Schedule'

  • Send custom messages to display on screen

Interior Elevator

smartcall interior elevator diagram.png

When a construction site is ready to switch personnel transportation from the outside hoist into the internal elevator bank, Smart Call can provide a reliable and effective solution to communicate with the elevator operator, eliminating any other inconvenient and inefficient method of communication.


Mount a Smart Call monitor in each elevator, and our wireless call buttons in each floor. the operator will receive call alerts with the floor number and direction on the in-car monitor.
It's simple and effective, reducing long wait times by over 25%.



Our completely wireless call buttons are easy to install, and are an elegant solution that can be easily uninstalled without damaging the surface they were on.

Pre configured. Closed Circuit.

The smart call system is pre configured to each individual site. the system is operated in a closed circuit environment, which makes it dependable and secure. The monitor is housed in a heavy-duty box, connected to a 110v outlet. our wireless call buttons are durable, and weather proof. They come with a single, easy to replace battery that can last up-to 18 months.

Interior Elevator
Our Work

Our Work

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